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– Have you ever checked where your content is ranking on Google – low or high?
-What about the uniqueness of your content that is already present on your website or blog? Is it 100% Unique?
– Are you searching for a reliable freelance content writer in Pune who is a niche-expert?

I am here to take care of all your content problems. With 8+ years of experience and having worked with hundreds of clients, I know how to convert my words as high revenue-generating investment for you. I write content that is best-fit and optimized for both readers and search engines. I make sure my content will bridge the gap between where you stand today and where you want to be tomorrow.

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100% Unique (Plagiarism Free) Content​

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Point-wise and User Generated Content (UGC) to increase your ROI​

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Transparent Billing | Quality Service | Timely Delivery​

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Highly trusted and 4.5+ rating by clients​

My Team – My Valuable Assets

I believe talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships. I am proud to be a mentor of such content writing talents that makes it easier for me to deliver content on time with the best quality. All we believe is to offer high-quality and effective content to our clients to help them reach a wider audience.  

Smita Chakraborty Pandey

Name: Mrs. Smita Chakraborty Pandey
Qualification: BE – Instrumentation, ECCED
Experience as a Content Writer: 2 years

Areas of Interest in Content Writing: Blogs, social media posts and website content for various industries like education, hospitality, textile, automation, tourism and banking.

Opinion on Working with Ajay: As someone who has worked for Ajay for a year, I can attest to the value of his guidance and am grateful for the time and effort he has put into helping me develop professionally. Your assistance in establishing personal objectives while reviewing work performance is greatly appreciated. Thanks to your guidance, I’ve been able to maintain my interest and output. I take this opportunity to thank Ajay for his understanding and tolerance, it has helped me as I seek to strike a balance between my professional and personal life. For being so willing to pitch in whenever help is needed, my sincere gratitude. It relieves some stress, allowing us to get more done. I appreciate you putting your faith in me to make the right calls. I’ve grown in independence and self-assurance as a result. Working with Ajay has been pleasant because of his flexible attitude and his encouragement of us to discuss our ideas for any project.

Jagruti Wani

Name: Dr. Jagruti Arun Badhan
Qualification: M.A. M. Phil, Ph.D. (Marathi)
Experience as a Content Writer: 08 Months Experience in Content Writing field. Professional Blogger since last 3 years.

Areas of Interest in Content Writing:
I like to write mainly on social issues, current woman affairs, political, critic / review writing on books, fine writing on any topic.

Opinion on Working with Ajay:
Ajay is very passionate about his work and having a creative mind, he gives the time to writers to get best out of them, always being supportive.

Priyanka Ganguly

Name: Mrs. Priyanka Ganguly-Chakraborty
Qualification: MBA (MKT/HR), Ph.D. (MKT- Pursuing)
Experience as a Content Writer: 3+ Years

Areas of Interest in Content Writing: SEO Friendly Content, Social Media, E-mailer, Blogs, Articles, Brouchers, Websites, Google Reviews, Quora, Copywriting, Google & Facebook Ads, and more!

Opinion on Working with Ajay:
Friend cum mentor! You have been my motivator, guide and biggest supporter. Your passion for writing inspired me to find the quirky writer with me. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to share my opinion about working with you. A friend, a colleague and a mentor whom I will never forget! Hope we continue to share a long-lasting bond and continue to work together and shower knowledge on each other!

Anishka Khubchandani

Name: Ms. Anishka Khubchandani
Qualification: B.A. LLB
Experience as a Content Writer: I’ve started content since the age of 16 but it’s true meaning has been understood by me while I was 18.

Areas of Interest in Content Writing: My genre in content specifically includes website writing, blog writing, essay writing, article writing, law & news based content. Apart from that I’m highly experienced in writing SOP, VISA & LOR’s. My SOP & VISA writing has helped students get admission to their dream countries and colleges which makes me enormously pleased. 

Opinion on Working with Ajay:
I’ve worked with Ajay Sir for around a year. The way he approaches opportunities and teaches us perfection is something I’ll never forget. I’ve learned handling numerous client’s under his guidance. He assisted me explore social media writeups, assorted creative and spontaneous content which was a whole unique area. The amount of respect he gives to us junior writers is something I feel every senior writer needs to learn.

Rituparna Chakraborty

Name: Ms. Rituparna Chakraborty
Qualification: B.Sc.(Chemistry)
Experience as a Content Writer: I have my hands on blogs, social media posts, and articles. It has been a fantastic journey so far!

Areas of Interest in Content Writing:
Fashion, Educational domain, Beauty and Health, Food, and Digital Marketing.

Opinion on Working with Ajay:
Such an amazing experience, I must say. I have gained a lot of writing knowledge from Ajay, sir. I respect him for being so composed and considerate.

Nilesh Chawra

Name: Mr. Nilesh Chawra
Qualification: B.Tech Graduate in ECE
Experience as a Content Writer: 1-year content writing experience

Areas of Interest in Content Writing:
SEO writing, copywriting, blog writing, article writing, social media copy, email writingOpinion on Working with Ajay:
 I have worked with you for a year. I was new to this field of content writing when I started working with you, and every day, I learn a lot from working with you. You are like my mentor, constantly pushing me to achieve my goals. Thanks for letting me work with you, Ajay!

Gulshan Ahuja

Name: Mr. Gulshan Ahuja
Qualification: Bachelor of Technology Undergraduate with Computer Science Major
Experience as a Content Writer: I’ve been into content writing for about 8-10 months. I’ve delivered content to various clients of distinct industries. My experience with content writing has been great so far. It made me knowledgeable about other areas. It has also taught me additional skills and through it, I’ve met some fantastic people. The journey has been great.

Areas of Interest in Content Writing:
I’ve engaged in social media content, blog writing, article writing, website content, tech writing, and so on. However, my areas of interest include social media content, blogs, and tech writing. 

Opinion on Working with Ajay:
 I started my content writing journey with Ajay Bangad Sir. He’s the most humble man and a fantastic guide everyone would ask for. I’ve received immense support from him and he has always been there to solve every query I had with patience and calmness.

Anjali Latpate

Name: Mrs. Anjali Ladvanjari
Qualification: M.Sc.(Physics)
Experience as a Content Writer: I had hands on experience in writing the educational books for the publication, but now I’m a freelancer.

Areas of Interest in Content Writing:
Food, health and wellness, fashion magazines, beauty and joy, human stories.

Opinion on Working with Ajay:
I really appreciate Ajay sir for being so patient for all the work assign to us, he is a very kind and talented person so far I have seen in the content writer field. Amazing personality and helpful in all ways.

Sravani Pendyala

Name: Ms. Pendyala Sravani
Qualification: B.Tech(CSE)
Experience as a Content Writer: 2 years

Areas of Interest in Content Writing: Educational Industry

Opinion on Working with Ajay:
I am very happy to showcase my new things with you.

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